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Key things that make us different:

  1. Our people – our clients deal with senior people on all levels in our organisation – they are all empowered to make decisions on our clients’ business
  2. Our skills and knowledge that we have built up over 17+ years
  3. Our stability and credibility – We have run a successful business since 1998
  4. We offer a full service solution to all communication requirements under one roof
  5. We are extremely resourceful – we find solutions to all sorts of unusual requests and requirements
  6. The range of services we offer and wide spread industry experience gives us a competitive advantage
  7. We can talk intelligently about your business and what’s happening around us
  8. We are inexpensive because we tightly manage our overheads – For example, we own the building we operate from
  9. We will turn projects around under tight deadline parameters – and we rarely say “no”
  10. We deliver on our promises – we would not be in business after all these years, boasting the range of clients we have, if we were not meeting client expectations